quality policy statement

It is the policy of Ecolite that all products installed and services supplied to customers:

  • Are fit for the purpose for which they are intended
  • Conform to implied or stated customer requirements
  • Conform to specific customer quality requirements or standards
  • Are installed under the control of the ecolite quality system

The objectives of the Company quality policy are:

  • To ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction
  • To minimise the costs associated with call outs to rectify problems/faults occurring following completion of works

The Company is committed to:

  • Ensuring that all personnel understand the policy and conform to defined procedures
  • Requiring all personnel to be responsible for the quality of their actions and ensure that the services provided, or products supplied, conform to the relevant quality standards
  • Regular assessment of training requirements with regard to all personnel in order to achieve continuous quality improvement
  • Ensuring the continued effectiveness of the quality system by implementation of appropriate corrective action
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the system by audit and management review on a regular basis
  • All employees are required to be aware of the quality system, quality policy, and adhere to the procedures and work instructions at all times