health & safety policy statement

It is the policy of Ecolite to provide adequate control of the Health and Safety risks arising from our work activities to comply with the Health and safety at Work Act etc 1974, subsequent Regulations and EU Law.

Ecolite will provide adequate and appropriate resources to ensure the effective implementation of this policy to: 

  • Prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health
  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions and methods of working by adequately controlling the Health and Safety risks arising from our work activities 
  • Provide training and instruction that will enable employees to perform their work safely and competently 
  • Adhere to all statutory requirements for Health & Safety
  • Consult & involve employees on matters affecting their Health and Safety
  • Prevent any damage or loss to property, plant or equipment
  • Encourage and promote Continuous Technical Development for all our employees
  • Review and revise this policy regularly to continuously improve our systems

All Employees understand their duty to co-operate in the implementation of the Health & Safety policy by:

  • Following all Health & Safety procedures and safe systems of work
  • Reporting incidents that have, or may lead to injury or damage
  • Working safely at all times