royal shrewsbury hospital


The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital is a 544-bed acute district general hospital serving Shropshire and Mid-Wales. The lighting retrofit formed part of a major project to modernise the hospital’s heating and lighting provision to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


A complete lighting retrofit installation scheme was completed over a period of seven months. The guaranteed energy-save is 384kW on electricity base load.

As an acute district general hospital, the Royal Shrewsbury project covered all major treatment and support facilities including operating theatres, wards, service areas, plant rooms and tunnels, clean rooms, clinics, maternity wards and stores.

"Ecolite completed the full lighting re-fit, on time and without a single complaint from either hospital staff or the patients. Disruption was remarkably low, clearly demonstrating an experienced, well thought out and professional approach. The improvement in the quality of lighting in all areas of the hospital is impressive."
Andy Hudson,
Contracts Manager, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital


  • Audit and survey
  • Project management
  • Customised fitting manufacture
  • Installation
  • Waste disposal and recycling


  • Scope - 5,600 energy-efficient fittings installed or upgraded
  • Energy-save - 384Kw saving on electricity base load
  • Payback – Less than two years
  • Carbon footprint – Reduction of 1442 tonnes of CO2 emissions