• save money
  • reduce carbon footprint
  • social responsibility
  • improve light quality
  • guaranteed energy saving
We offer you the most suitable energy saving solution possible.

improving your lighting efficiency

Lighting can account for half of your electricity consumption. Improving lighting efficiency can play a major role in reducing the carbon footprint of your organisation and can provide an easily obtainable, economical and speedy high profile improvement for your Social Responsibility and Environmental Policy. In short, lighting costs your organisation money, lots of money. Ecolite can cut your lighting costs by up to 60% and in some cases 80% whilst still improving light quality. European leader in retrofit lighting. Combining energy efficient lighting schemes and controls, Ecolite installations provide you with a guaranteed energy save. Typical payback periods range from as little as nine months to three years.

In the short-term, energy costs are volatile. The long-term trend is upwards. Can you afford to ignore the savings which Ecolite can generate for you?